Welcome to BirdLife Australia's

Broome Bird Observatory

Established in 1988 by the RAOU (Royal Australasian Ornithologists Union), now BirdLife Australia, as a research and education facility, our principle aim is to work for the conservation of the migratory shorebirds which visit Roebuck Bay.

We’re passionate about the amazing birds that visit and live in globally-unique Roebuck Bay, and we strive to share this passion with the people of Australia and abroad to encourage the preservation of this international treasure, and our flyway, for generations to come.

The observatory is located on the north-west coast of Australia on the shores of Roebuck Bay: Just 25 kilometres east of the town of Broome and some 2,400 road kilometres north of Perth. We are currently open for accommodationcamping and tours. 

PLEASE NOTE: There are currently roadworks in place for the first 1-2 km along Crab Creek Road, and the final 1-2 km before the BBO. Please adhere to signage.

The BBO IS CURRENTLY CLOSED due to Crab Creek Rd being flooded. Please check the status of Crab Creek Rd here.