Experience the varied bird life of the Broome Region and hone your birding skills on one of our popular courses. The Observatory conducts two sessions of courses each year. Courses are scheduled according to the seasonal movements of the birds and the suitability of prevailing weather and conditions. Our friendly and expert Wardens will guide you through the best birding sites, where you will experience the unique and diverse bird life of the region and the migratory shorebirds for which Roebuck Bay is known.

Birdwatchers can struggle with shorebird viewing, not only because the many species have subtle differences in their identification, but it can also be hard to get close enough to them. Our courses will open up this world of birding to you by bringing shorebirds closer than ever. If you are already an avid shorebird watcher, you will surely be impressed with the viewing opportunities provided by Roebuck Bay.

Course numbers are capped at 10 participants to ensure an ideal guide-to-guest ratio.  

All full Wave the Waders Goodbye and Birds of the Broome Region courses include:

  • daily tours and activities

  • accommodation at the Observatory (except for the final day of the course)

  • transfers to and from Broome

  • all meals

  • use of BBO scopes

If you are hoping to see a particular suite of bird species, please view our combined species lists to see what has been recorded in recent courses, and might be best for you.

Birds of the Broome Region - 2020

What makes Broome one of the most exciting birding regions in Australia? Join us for this course and discover the incredible diversity and abundance of birds that reside in the Broome region. We will visit a variety of habitats, including the shores and mangroves of Roebuck Bay; lakes, bush and plains of Roebuck Plains Stations east of the Observatory, and creeks and mangroves of the lower Dampier Peninsula north of Broome. You will have the opportunity to observe a wide range of species, including bush birds, shorebirds, waterfowl and birds of prey.

The course also includes discourses on bird identification and ecology. We will help improve your bird watching skills, thereby enhancing your bird watching experiences and appreciation of birds wherever you travel.

2020 course dates and prices

$1,390 for BirdLife Australia members, $1,545 for non-members.

Wave the Waders Goodbye - 2020 courses

Roebuck Bay is among the top five migratory shorebird destinations in the world. The bay is an ideal area for observing daily shorebird movements on and between mudflat feeding areas and high tide roosts along the shoreline. It is also a perfect setting to witness departure of shorebirds as they embark on their long annual migration to northern Asia and Siberia, which is the focus of this course. During the course, you will have an opportunity to witness large numbers of birds in departing flocks, as well as observe the beautiful and diverse breeding plumages of these shorebirds against the spectacular backdrop of the bay.

Discourses on shorebird identification, feeding ecology, and migration are presented during this course. Subject to post-wet season accessibility, we also tour the bush and plains to the east of the Observatory and other local birding sites where we’ll find a variety of bush birds and waterbirds, in addition to shorebirds that favour freshwater habitats.

2020 course dates and prices

$1,390 for BirdLife Australia members, $1,545 for non-members.

  • 20th–24th March FULL

  • 4th–8th April FULL

Contact us if you would like to be put on the waiting list for one of these courses.

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