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20 February 2019

A Black Honeyeater was seen in the scrub around One Tree. Thirty-six Freckled Duck were recorded in a survey at the Broome North Wastewater Treatment Plant (KH); please note there is no public access to this site.

17 February 2019

A Black Swan and two Barn Swallows were seen from the One Tree lookout. A Broad-billed Flycatcher has been visiting the Shadehouse bird baths.

14 February 2019

Five Lesser Frigatebirds seen soaring over the BBO.

12 February 2019

A Northern Fantail was at Streeter’s Jetty in Broome, along with at least three Red-headed Honeyeaters.

10 February 2019

Two Varied Sitella were seen along the BBO firebreak.

9 February 2019

A Peregrine Falcon suggestive of Siberian race calidus was seen over the BBO. A Common Redshank was at Little Crab Creek (GS).

7 February 2019

A FAIRY PITTA was found by staff at Matso’s in Broome: only the second record of this species from mainland Australia. The bird was temporarily stunned after flying into a window, and then recovered and was released. It was seen by a number of local birders over the subsequent two days and then sadly found dead in a garden. The specimen is being sent to the Western Australian Museum (details from BG and DB via Facebook, and GS).

4 February 2019

A Sanderling was seen from the BBO viewing platform.

3 February 2019

Two Channel-billed Cuckoos seen flying over the BBO.

1 February 2019

A single Beach Stone-curlew continues around the BBO viewing platform.

31 January 2019

An Oriental Cuckoo (first of the season) was seen near the BBO viewing platform.

25 January 2019

A HOUSE SWIFT and SWIFTLET (Aerodramus sp.) were seen at Entrance Point a day after the passing of Tropical Cyclone Riley. Also here was a Black Honeyeater, ~5 Crimson Chats, and 5 Banded Honeyeaters.

22 January 2019

Varied Lorikeets were seen flying over the BBO.

18 January 2019

A Swinhoe’s Snipe (tail photographed) and Freckled Duck were seen at the Broome North Wastewater Treatment Plant.

10 January 2019

Oriental Pratincoles continue to pass over the BBO daily.

9 January 2019

Three GARGANEY continue at Lake Campion. Also here were 15 Black Swans, 2 Comb-crested Jacana, and 550 Wandering Whistling-Ducks.

8 January 2019

An immature Peregrine Falcon (Australian race macropus) was seen at Nimalaica (GS).

6 January 2019

A Siberian Peregrine Falcon (race calidus) continues at Lake Campion. More than 7,000 Oriental Pratincoles were seen at various places on Roebuck Plains, and Yellow Chats were seen close to Kidney Bean Claypan.

5 January 2019

Three GARGANEY continue at Lake Campion (CGM).

4 January 2019

26 Eastern Yellow Wagtails including one macronyx-type were seen behind the Crab Creek mangroves. Also here were 10 Barn Swallows.

3 January 2019

Three GARGANEY continue at Lake Campion (GS). 116 Eastern Yellow Wagtails (including two macronyx-types and one taivana) were seen behind the Crab Creek mangroves.

2 January 2019

108 Eastern Yellow Wagtails were seen behind the Crab Creek mangroves

1 January 2019

79 Eastern Yellow Wagtails (including one macronyx-type) were seen behind the Crab Creek mangroves.


BG - Bruce Greatwich, CGM - Clare and Grant Morton, DB - Damian Baxter, GS - George Swann of Kimberley Birdwatching, KH - Kerry Hadley. All other sightings contributed by BBO staff and guests.


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