Latest sightings

17 January 2018

Two Oriental Cuckoos were seen at the BBO.

16 January 2018

An Oriental Cuckoo was seen foraging on grasshoppers at the BBO.

14 January 2018

Three Oriental Cuckoos were seen along Crab Creek Road between the BBO viewing platform and One Tree. A Channel-billed Cuckoo was seen at the BBO. Two Australian Bustard were on Roebuck Plains behind the BBO.

13 January 2018

An Oriental Cuckoo and six Cockatiel (unusual during the wet season) were seen at the Broome Bird Observatory. A Red-chested Button-quail, Magpie Geese and Black-tailed Native-hen were seen along the Great Northern Highway where it crosses Roebuck Plains.

12 January 2018

Up to 40 HOUSE SWIFT and 3 SWIFTLETS (likely Edible-nest Swiftlets) were seen at Entrance Point, with HOUSE SWIFT also observed at the sewage ponds, Matso's Brewery mangroves, and the Broome Bird Observatory (where a SWIFTLET was also seen). Oriental Pratincoles were observed throughout Broome. Bridled Tern (at least 18) and a Common Noddy were seen at Entrance Point and Cable Beach respectively. Two Black-eared Cuckoos were seen at Entrance Point.

11 January 2018

Associated with Tropical Cyclone Joyce were HOUSE SWIFT (up to 25) and a SWIFTLET (possible Edible-nest Swiftlet) with Pacfic Swift, Tree Martin and Fairy Martin at Cable Beach. 

10 January 2018

An Oriental Cuckoo (first for season) was observed near the viewing platform at the BBO.

9 January 2018

Barn Swallows (90) and Oriental Pratincoles (hundreds) were observed on Roebuck Plains behind the BBO. Whiskered Terns and Glossy Ibis are increasing on wetlands on Roebuck Plains, and a flock of 14 Silver Gulls were suspiciously looking to nest.

8 January 2018

Barn Swallows (55) and Pacific Swifts (6) were observed on Roebuck Plains behind the BBO. Plumed Whistling-Ducks are pairing up to breed on the flooded grasslands, and a button-quail (possibly Red-backed Button-quail) was heard calling.