Barwit Tour t-Shirt

Barwit Tour t-Shirt


The Bar-tailed Godwits of Roebuck Bay fly 21,940 km in about 7 marathon flights. Every. Single. Year.  On these flights they don't stop to eat, drink, or sleep. 

We thought they deserved their own t-shirt. 

Enter the Barwit Tour t-Shirt!  Featuring a Bar-tailed Godwit in flight on the front, and on the back a complete list of dates where the birds may stop, as pulled from a recent study of satellite tagged birds. 

For the pedantic, no, it's not a representation of exactly what every single Bar-tailed Godwit from Roebuck Bay does each year... but for the purposes of demonstrating their achievements on a classic band-style t-shirt, it's close enough. We're happy with the application of this data! 

Rock on, Godwit. Rock on.  

Please see the sizing guide for measurements - these are printed on Earth Positive.  

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