Yellow Chat

Yellow Chat


The BBO is a well known place to tick a Yellow Chat off your list! They're relatively easy on our Bush and Plains Tour

In fact, a photo of a stonking male on that very tour formed the basis for this design!

We've got so many folks their lifer Yellow Chat that we thought maybe it deserved it's own 'BBO Logo'.  This allows you to display where you got that Yellow Chat tick, thereby gripping your friends. Twice. 

Yellow Chat. Tick. BBO visit. Tick.   

If you're so inclined. 

Otherwise, it's a handsome bird on a handsome shirt, don't you think? 

We find our stock fits smallish - please see the sizing guide to double check your size! Available in ladies fitted and unisex. 

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Be sure it fits! While we're proud to be using Stanley Stella blank stock for our printing, often we find these shirts fit small. But are still flattering if they are 'too big'.  If in doubt, go the size bigger, and if you want to get specific, whip out your measuring tape and use the size guide here: