Latest sightings

15 July 2019

A Common Redshank was roosting at Richard’s Point on the northern shores of Roebuck Bay.

14 July 2019

A Banded Honeyeater and a group of Varied Lorikeets were feeding in a flowering Hakea close to the BBO firebreak.

11 July 2019

Varied Sittellas, Pied Honeyeaters, Black Honeyeaters and a Cockatiel were all seen around the BBO grounds. Masked Woodswallows continue to pass over daily. Flowering trees have brought an influx of Red-collared Lorikeets, Little Friarbirds and Rufous-throated Honeyeaters, swelling the numbers of these regular species.

10 July 2019

Two Northern Fantails were seen at Barred Creek (AB).

9 July 2019

Crimson Chats were seen in the Lysiphyllum scrub around Lake Eda.

8 July 2019

Around 10 Black Honeyeaters were seen feeding around the BBO grounds. Crimson Chats and a Black-breasted Buzzard were seen on plains behind the BBO.

4 July 2019

A WHITE-BACKED SWALLOW was seen at the Broome sewage works (AB).

29 June 2019

Four Varied Lorikeets were seen flying over plains behind the BBO. Yellow Chats and two Australian Bustards were around Kidneybean Claypan

27 June 2019

A juvenile Banded Honeyeater was seen and photographed at the Shadehouse bird baths.

25 June 2019

A Common Redshank and Little Eagle were seen along Roebuck Bay’s northern shores.

24 June 2019

A Red-browed Pardalote was seen around Lake Campion. Pied Honeyeaters and Black Honeyeaters continue to be seen around the BBO.

21 June 2019

A Flock Bronzewing was seen at the Broome sewage ponds (CJH).

19 June 2019

A Common Tern was at Boiler Point, on the northern shores of Roebuck Bay.

18 June 2019

A Welcome Swallow was seen at the Broome sewage ponds (DA).

17 June 2019

A Yellow Chat and Black-breasted Buzzard were seen at Kidneybean Claypan.

12 June 2019

Six Freckled Ducks were at the Broome sewage ponds (NJ). Unusually, four Yellow Chats were seen among the mangroves at Little Crab Creek, where a Nankeen Night-Heron was also present.

11 June 2019

A Beach Stone-curlew was seen in Roebuck Bay.

10 June 2019

A Wilson’s Storm-Petrel was seen from Entrance Point (NJ).

9 June 2019

At least 30 Yellow Chats were seen among thousands of Tree Martins on plains behind the BBO. A Common Redshank was on Wader Beach.

8 June 2019

A Hooded Robin was seen on the plains behind the BBO.

7 June 2019

A Red-browed Pardalote was heard calling at Willaroo Well on Roebuck Plains Station.

6 June 2019

A Little Eagle was seen over the Crab Creek mangroves in the morning and then later over the plains behind the BBO, where two White-necked Herons were roosting and Crimson Chats continue to be seen.

5 June 2019

A Kimberley Flycatcher was in the Crab Creek mangroves along with the regular Broad-billed Flycatchers, Dusky Gerygone and White-breasted Whistlers. A Pallid Cuckoo and Swamp Harrier were both seen over the same site, along with c.50 Pied Honeyeaters, c.10 Black Honeyeaters and 8 Budgerigars heading south. Two Brown Boobies were seen in Roebuck Bay.

4 June 2019

A Southern Boobook was seen along Crab Creek Road after dark.

3 June 2019

A Pallid Cuckoo was seen along the Broome Highway. A Common Redshank and two Asian Dowitchers were roosting on Wader Beach.

1 June 2019

A male Leaden Flycatcher continues to be seen at the BBO.


AB - Adrian Boyle, CJH - Chris Hassell, DA - Daniel Aspey, NJ - Nigel Jackett. All other sightings contributed by BBO staff and guests.


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